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"...Our children, grandchildren won't even be able to imagin Russia
where we lived once but didn't appreciate and understand
where we lived once but didn't appreciate and understand
her power, riches and happiness..."
/I. A. Bunin, The damned days/

The Moscow Merchant Society

The public organization includes
The representatives of the Russian merchant families,
the descendants of Russian and Moscow Merchant Societies who greatly contributed by their work, talent, enterprise and best deals in making Russia as one of the leading and powerful world countries by the end of the 19th century.
The present-day and highly moral business men,
for whose main purpose of their business is to revive the religions and historical heritage, dignity and power of Russia, Russian Merchants traditions. The Moscow Merchant Society includes Merchants descendants and modern business people who want and could actively improve the Welfare of Russia and Moscow those who are concerned with the moral degradatism and cultural orientatism in Russian Society, and are ready to devote their lives and contributions to its development and social structure of properly deserved life in the country.
    The functions of the Society is directed as follows:
Within the co-operation range with the authoritative structures and other public organizations the Society handles matters on developing offers and suggestions on legislative bases of modern Russian Society life, in particular, the solution of restitution, private properties and charity, establishment of Committees, funds and boards of guardians, working out charity programmes, participating in revival of family trade houses and trade marks; having the "round table" discussions and meetings vitally important matters of the Society;
Constantly realising the development tendency of small and medium interprises;
Within the historical-filing limits to carry out genealogical search for certain series of merchant families;
Public relations activily is realised within the limits of the Merchant Assembly Club's programme, which is part of the Society in " Merchant House at Preobrazhenka";
The Society Cultural programmes are aimed at reviving the historical traditions and guardians, including patronage the monthly music-arts saloons;
    The first ponderable recognized work of the Society were noticed in the rewards of certain members of the MMS (Moscow Merchant Society) with 850th Moscow anniversary medals and diplomas from Moscow government authority for the great contribution in the development of the city, the Society members are nominated candidates to take part in local government elections.
    The MMS strives for closely cooperations with State organs, commercial and business structues, different public and religious organizations and associations in Russia and abroad, pursuing noble ends of reviving the Russian Merchants perfections, improving Russian establishment and creating middle class in the country.
"There great missions before the Merchant Society in future. And realising all dificulties, stop unconsciously considering before the widily opened map of the world and think, how widely and unbound Russia. How much efforts and talents you have to show to possess this magnificent place. We want to see Russia a Great Super Power. We don't want the Government to pick on the past but to be full of life and ideas and among with people lead us to the progress, to the creation of great and independent Russia."
/P. P. Rayabushinsky, 1912/