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    Materials that are included rehabilitation in possessions which were broken in Russia after 1917 as a result of a long terror towards people who struggled for their rights and justice. /read/

        Club's programmes
Merchants during "Golden century" of Ekaterina II.

    The 7th of December is the day of Saint Great Martyr Ekaterina. She was beatiful, magnificent talented and educated women who took tortures for her beliefs... /read/

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        Our issues
Recommendations towards the help of business programme in Russia, e.g. about 21 troubles.

    There are a lot of politics who come out in favour of small business to be approved by people but don't want to support it or make concrete steps in it's progress. Problems are... /read/

Recommendations towards the help of small business.

    Officials must always remember that "producer and employer feed om me and my children, I serve them"... /read/

Recommendations towards social aspects.

    The main aim is found methods to solve problems of unhuman life canons, "the life in Lie"... /read/

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