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About Charity

"The kindness by force isn't the kindness!"
/I. Turgenev/
    International experience in charity and it's studing has a great value to charity establishments and in itself. Russia with her space, quantity and mantality of her residents has proved her incredible ability for adventurism and business deals. So it would be better to be responded to her own historical experience before the Revolution.
       Ahmatova A.A.: "Fomer rich people differed from
       nowdays for their knoledge to help poor people."
    Russia before the Revolution took an active, charitable part in life of representatives of business association. Fundamental aspects in experience in charity consisted of morality, conscience of public duty with one hand and motive of face with another. Taking into consideration differences between Russian and Foreign soules should lean on these aspects developed in Russia by practice, affairs made by many generations during thousand years. It can be started with anchient Russia with her monastic houses of public charity. Since Ekaterina II government it couldn't have been promoted on society without doing social-oriented things.
    Actually all aspects of charity before the Revolution can be divided into three parts:
under the patronageof the Impereror family;
houses of public charity belonging to variety of departmental membership ( the Ministry of Religion, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Public education, ect.);
private philanthropists.
    The variety of motivations and stimulations were faul to put into the Law about charity. Also there is lack of serious control under charity house activity, philanthrpists themselfs and limits to charity affairs. Possible reasons which had an influence on increasing of charity attraction in Russia are followed below and are sorted on the basis of decreasing of their significance in Russian society before the Revolution.
    However their best deals or establishment of charity house hold with serious responsability for creation. For instance, the Rules of the Society of public charity worned about familiarizing with it's contents, providing the house of public charity with some capital in order to inherit it after owner deaf. In fact the Charity houses were run on interests with working capital. The result can be estimated by quantity of charity people in variety of social-oriented organizations. Information about these organizations for 1896 taken from the Collection of information about charity in Russia is followed below:

Quantity of organizations3555
Madicine ambulance350
Schools as a type of charity463
Cheap canteens125
Houses of liking for hard work67
Houses of cheap acommodations82
Public reading-room34